I know from my own experiences, that when you loose someone, you feel this deep, never ending pain inside yourself. It could be after a breakup or a divorce and you suddenly are alone and on your own again. I know how empty and hurt inside you can feel. It took me a long time to find ways to fill this emptiness again. But I did it. I changed my life. And today I am living a happy and fulfilled life again. Being of service to others gave my life more fulfillment than I ever expected. 


My mission is to help women to go this way in a shorter time and a lot easier. My mission is to empower women to live a fulfilled and happy life.


My name is Biggi Leask. After a hurtful breakup in 2008 I was empty, heartbroken, devastated. I felt unloved, unwanted, rejected, ugly, lost and forgotten. I had no confidence or any feeling of self worth. I was so sad and couldn't stop thinking about what I've lost. 


After about six months of crying and wallowing, I started to notice my condition. That wasn't me! I used to be a positive woman, a happy woman. I felt the need to change that.


Somehow I stumbled across the movie 'The Secret', which is all about the universal Law of Attraction. After watching this movie, my journey began. I began to study the Law of Attraction, read books, watched DVD's, took courses to learn as much as I could. My life began to change. I was happy again. I was loving my life again. My family, friends and colleagues were noticing the change. And they were happy for me. I shared what I've learned with those who were interested in my change.


And one day in 2017 I felt, that now is the time to share my story and my learnings  with the world. After 45 years in the corporate world I left my job in June 2019 to create the life of my dreams, to live my purpose. To serve and help those who are willing to take their lives in their own hands and create the life they desire, the life they deserve. 


And that is probably the reason why you are reading this.


Let me show you how you can change your life. Let me help you. 


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